Welcome to AI-COMP Contest Server!



  • When a samurai under treatment is ordered some actions which is ignored, the game manager and the visualizer interpret the rule differently on whether or not the samurai should be considered to be placed an order in the period. The visualizer has been revised to interpret the ignored orders are not placed int the period.


  • We've fixed some bugs in the visualizer.


  • We've re-opened the practice contest page (with NO SUPPORT) for all.


  • We've opened a submission page for finalists. If you are a nonfinalist, please don't submit your AI program to it. Note that We improved the battle log to show the stderr output of your AI program.


  • We've fixed the contest system to avoid delay of uncontorollable VM (Docker) behavior. We hope that this change fixes problems of unexpected timeout. If you feel your AI program suffers from this change, please contact us untill today's 21:00 (JST). We can roll back this change.


  • We've added a new contest named "SamurAI Coding 2016-17 Practice with LOW SPEC SERVERS (NO SUPPORT)" where AI programs will be ignored for the preliminary round.
  • We've found that the responseTime shows "the actual responseTime - approximately 100ms". It means that the maximam execution time of your AI program is approximately 300ms.


  • Please submit your AI programs to "SamurAI Coding 2016-17 Trial for Joining in Preliminary Round" in order to join in the preliminary round.


  • We've fixed the bug which prevented you from uploading new AI programs. This bug was introduced when we added the CPU and memory restrictions yesterday. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • We've add the CPU restrinction (1 core per 1 AI) and memory restriction (1GB per 1 AI) to make matches fairer. If these restrictions are problematic for you, please contact us.
  • Please note that ELO rating points are just for your information. The preliminary round will NOT use the ELO rating system, so we don't use ELO rating points for the matching algorithm.
  • We've changed the matching algorithm which conducts a match twice to let each AI program get and lose the initiative by swapping the order.
  • We've fixed the bug in this system which ignores compile errors and hides error messages sometimes.
  • We've fixed some bugs in Game Management System and Visualize to make this system more reliable.


  • We found that some AI programs which are uploaded during server troubles were broken. We cannot repair them theoretically. Please re-upload your AI program. Sorry for the inconvenience.



  • The battle execution server was in a bad state from 10th Jan to 13th Jan. So, the attempts to compile AIs and auto battle executions kept failed during that time. Sincerely apologize for the any inconvinience caused by this..


  • There was a problem with run.sh in sampleAI. Please re-download and use the latest version. Sorry for the inconvinience caused.


  • Registration system is now open for submitting your AI.


  • Registration system will be open shortly. Please wait until it's announced.


  • The game management system has been updated.
  • Get the latest package from url below.
  • samuraicoding.info


  • The game management system of SamurAI Coding 2016-17 has been published.
  • Check the link blow out!
  • samuraicoding.info